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Friday, 23 March 2012

River Blyth to Humford Woods

12th of March it started as rather a dull day so I caught up with some work at home but mid afternoon it got out rather nice so I cycled along to the river starting at the settling pools , another pool is being created but apart from one Moorhen nothing else noted no scope with me so I did not do any serious counts but Shellduck very evident about 60 along the far shore, 30+ Teal a few Mallard 40+ Curlew and very numerous Redshank with a few Bar -Tailed Godwit. Cycled to the rail bridge no Goosanders or Mergansers a couple of pairs of Long Tailed Tits ,Great Spotted Woodpecker , it was so pleasant I continued on through Attley Park to Humford Woods, Grey Wagtail on the river , GSW drumming ,Nuthatch, Treecreeper numerous Great & Blue Tits, just what you would expect, Dogs Mercury and Ramsons coming through  .Crossed the stepping stones and pushed the bike up the rather steep hill onto the footpath . Checking all the trees along the wood edge as they look perfect for Owls I noticed in the distance blue lights and sticking through the hedge a car so at least I was going to get a photo for the day never thought it would be of a Mercedes on and through a hedge !!!, had a look at the pool behind the recycling centre but only a Coot present it does look rather grim.
(There is a track that runs past Humford Mill to near Plessey Woods but it can be very muddy although as it is also the quieter stretch it can be more rewarding with open areas to look for plants and flowers.)


Wren said...

Thank you for sharing your amazing photos.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks Wren, just a slice of life out and about.