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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Big Waters

A visit to Big Waters where there was a good number of Wigeon I didn't  count them the pond is very well watched every day so the counts are always up to date, no sign of any Otters for me, now in my second year since I have seen one will have to get out more ,or at least to where they are seen  , a few Siskin near the feeding station on Alder  with the usual birds present on the feeders still one of the best places to see Tree Sparrows , also Great Spotted dropped in ,the hide can be a cold place to sit so I enjoyed the walk around more having come in from the village under the A1 but returning to the North over the A1 .
 Always plenty Tree Sparrows around

 Magpie with evil eye added !!!
Kestrel on a small tree above me but looking into the light raw file meant at least I got something


Codders said...


you should have done a full count and entered it in the book as I wasn't there this week and you know how Alan just skips through doing rough counts to the nearest 20 or so.


Northumbrian Birding said...

Cheers John , But that's what I did just skipped them .