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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Gosforth Park NHSN Reserve

A recent visit to Gosforth Park reserve of  The Natural History Society of Northumbria you have to be a member of the Society to gain access to the reserve, as I have said before membership is well worth the expense with meetings/lectures at The Hancock Museum on various Natural History subjects also an excellent Library  to view, and access to the Reserve with a key entry feeding station and 2 key entry hides . Check out the website membership could be a very good Christmas present for someone !!!!!!!!!!
We started off at the feeding station  with the usual Blue Tits etc as you would expect good sightings of GSW and regular visits of Nuthatch and Treecreeper , it was decided to walk around the reserve as the rain was keeping off  so we set off  on a circular walk but calling into one of the hides that looks onto the lake oddly no wildfowl at all , and save for 2 Mute and a few Moorhen and Coot , that was it , sightings of Bittern are seemingly regular but you need something to look at in the meantime .
Walking further around a Jay overhead , and 2 Roe deer skipped off with another 2 further around till wee came upon one that we saw it before it saw us and I managed a couple of shots before it was off into the thick cover , very few birds on the walk most seem to hang around the feeders as there was plenty still there when we called in again but the light had gone and despite the birds dropping in fairly close photography was no good 
 Nuthatch frequent if brief visitor to the feeding station
 Roe Deer till it either got wind of or heard us

 Treecreeper another regular visitor to the feeding station
 GSW like to feed on the fat balls that are pushed into the holes as the one above
 The ever present Rats inevitable with all the falling seed etc:
Treecreeper again seem to like this Oak, brilliant little birds I have had them very close but never it seems when I have a camera ?

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