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Monday, 10 December 2012

Black Redstart St Mary's

Heading to St Mary's Island just to have a look for any colour ringed waders Morgan informed me of a Black Redstart  feeding just at the start of the prom it was occasionally fly catching , this is a good find for anyone but Morgan  informed me he has not been birding very long (he did get the POTW on Birdguides  this year for an unusual shot of a Puffin) so its a very good find, the bird flitted around mostly in the shadows till it flew off north along the beach , so I headed down to the Sanderling for any colour ringed birds  plenty of them feeding along the shore and amongst the rocks just the one ringed bird . Black Redstart returned but it was the same, flitted up on the side of the prom now and then and onto the beach at one stage but mostly up in the now greater shadow of the cliff face now joined by a colourful Grey Wagtail , I did not get back along for it so these will have to do but young Jack Bucknall  did get an especially good shot of it just as it was taking off check his blog out it's a cracking shot !
 Black Redstart

 Sanderling along the South Shore ,only the one colour ringed bird

Black Redstart  momentarily hanging on the prom wall
 And here you could think it was bemused by it's shadow
Grey Wagtail adding a bit of colour to the shadows   !!!!

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