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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

That's Christmas over

Well that's Christmas over for another year now is the time to get out and try that new pair of bins ,scope  or camera lens that Santa sent you via your credit cardcompany, unless your getting dragged to a furniture store wearing your "Christmas Jumper " for the now traditional Boxing Day (for years I thought Boxing Day was when they put a lot of sport on the telly?)sofa sale ,with a year before you start to pay and 4 years interest free credit the thing will be well knackered long before it's paid for . With only a few days to go before the end of another year I have no hope in catching up with the local parish bird count but at least I will come second which is not too bad !. I am as yet making no plans for 2013 as it seems weather or some other factor gets in the way with this being the wettest year in my lifetime , not been very active in the run up to Christmas and when I did get out not much to show in the way of photos so to look on the bright side 2013 can't be any worse ....................or can it !
Good Birding for 2013 

A few snaps from the past week or so!!!

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