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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Jack Snipe Cresswell Pond

This is some video of the recent Jack Snipe that spent a few days in front of the hide at Cresswell Pond  ,it's three short clips merged into one as it spent most of the time with head tucked in , one clip had some nice background calls of Redshank and lapwings  but then voices spoil it so I have taken all the sound off . Another great opportunity to see one of these cracking little birds , it bobs occasionally which is most curious to see it's almost an innate action ,  the usual following of birders keen to see it  , but unable too despite the most detailed directions given and the fact it was only  about a foot away from a large square block of wood and a purple wrapper on the other side ?  surprised it did not fly off  given the noise emanating   from the hide .


Johnnykinson said...

Brilliant birds to watch Brian, nicely captured on video. The bird wouldn't look out of place on the rear shelf of any car........far better than any nodding dog !

Northumbrian Birding said...

Cheers John ,your right lets get some made up for Dragons Den !!