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Friday, 26 October 2012


A day out at sea a couple of weeks ago surveying for Cetaceans , a flat clam day thankfully as I fully expected to be seasick as I am not the best of sea travellers ,  Auks and Seals as we left the mouth of the Tyne , 4 red Throated Divers past by and later a couple of Arctic Skuas , a single Bonxie and still several Puffins now in Winter plumage, 3 Arctic Skuas  again past us we stood forward of the wheelhouse heading North the birds also heading North past surprising quickly but stopped and went for a Juvenile Kittiwake  thus turning back towards us , rattled a few shots off some didn't even have any birds in the frame as it was hard to standified to have still even in these fairly flat sea . The Kittiwake  must have been terrified to have these three brutes suddenly come upon it , but just as quickly it was all over and they where gone . A Minke Whale seen in the return and 2-3 Harbour Porpoise noted from the wheelhouse crew , a cracking day out one of the first trips at sea that I have returned with an appetite having  eaten all my food .
 2 of a group of  4 Red Throated Divers passing overhead
Three Arctic Skuas  chase after a 1st year Kittiwake
 They really give it a hard time
 The bird having nowhere to turn
 as the Skuas keep tight onto it
 Like something from the RED Bull flying display keeping a tight formation

 Suddenly it was all over did they get anything could not see, where they trying to kill it probably not , but it certainly livened up the day
Attack over they headed back North

 Several Gannets lifted off the sea especially as we headed back South

 a few Puffins around in Winter Plumage
Guillemots & Razorbills in good numbers 

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PCF said...

Great action shots. Strange to think the benign creature on the header is such a pain in the air.