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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Cresswell,Pond, Bonxie, Bittern, Stint

Cresswell Pond  stopped at the North end to check for waders about 10 or so Dunlin which flew off to the main pond  but I then noticed  a Bonxie on the spit presumed the same one that was in the area for a week or so but seemed to have left , went upto the hide only taking the camera as I did not have long , a little stint was pointed out to me right up at the  far end it did come nearer but not for my lens , the Bonxie also lifted causing chaos but did not make a kill, the Coots headed en mass to the safety of the outflow it was odd to see them all swim then all run across the sand bar as fast as they could . I was told I had just missed a Bittern but within minutes one lifted and flew around  2-3 mins  high up it looked as though it was heading off but circled and dropped near the outflow, not a bad half hour   !!!
 Bonxie settles back on the spit
 I caught the Little Stint as it left the sand bar to go back to the far end
 A Bittern flies high before dropping back into the reeds

1 comment:

Johnnykinson said...

Word has obviously gotten around the Coot community about that Bonxie. I can just imagine one of them shouting "IT'S THE COOT KILLER LADS...........RUUUUUN"