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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Windfarm Maintenance

A run up the coast as far as Hauxley with not much to show for it a Wheatear on the shore but not much at Hauxley but the usual Geese ,the pool at the Ponteland  hide flooded with the incoming tide , passed the Linton area still large numbers of Gulls collecting in the fields many hundreds just north of the tip site. We caught sight of something on one of the windfarm blades , closer inspection revealed two guys presume they where adding or removing weight to balance the blade ?, anyway they must have climbed up inside then dropped down either side of the blade  some job , you would need a steady nerve .

Two large flocks of Goldfinch near Hauxley just too the North

 Two guys working on one of the blades with all their gear fastened around the waist  , doesn't look to bad till..................................... see it from a distance , would you figure out that's two guys on the end !!!!!!


Killy Birder said...

aaaggghhhhhh! As someone who has a fear of heights, just looking at those guys makes me feel ill:-( I'm sure they get well paid but I wouldn't/couldn't do that for a million quid!

Northumbrian Birding said...

It's not the fear of heights more the fear of falling from such a height, I wonder if they have parachutes :)
Not sure those yellow "Bob the Builder " hats would be much good !

Johnnykinson said...

Health and safety Brian, health and safety, you know it makes sense.
On the few occasions i had to don one they were more of a hinderance than owt else.