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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Little Egrets

Little Egret being harrassad by the local Magpies not keen to have this strange bird on their patch 

There have not been  many Little  Egrets around this year I have seen them at Alnmouth and Warkworth Gut  and only one on the River Blyth, where last year there was four which hung around for a month or so keeping up river though. Two Kingfishers around and a single Greenshank, with a few Bar-tailed Godwits  in with the large number of Redshank and lots of Curlew, and the strange sight of two pure white Doves living under the road bridge 

 Not the best photo as I have missed off the tip of the Bill but it does show pink to the underside which I believe is indicative of a Juvenile  so I wonder where this bird was born ?
The bird always distant and very wary so photos taken from range

 Good to hear the call of a Greenshank this one feeding well up river

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