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Sunday, 13 October 2013

4 Sausage Rolls ++++

4 sausage rolls
7 Sandwiches (Cheese n Pickle or Tomato )
4 bags Crisps
4 cakes
5 Custard creams
7 flasks of hot water
What's all this to do with birding, well its the stuff I have consumed while sat on my backside birding to me the ultimate birding experience "Seawatching "  not for many years have I had a few days seawatching like these four days of October  with Friday being the highlight with a staggering 354 Great Skua heading North not counting the distant ones just to far out to confirm (which included a possible flock of up to 30 ) and no time to count the Gannets as they came past in ever larger strings with many of the Juveniles struggling at times with the strong winds and heavy sea with one individual tipped into the sea by a Bonxie but then ignored   .The flocks of "Kitts" as they settled on the sea then lifted again and let the wind push them south so they could drift back again working the water surface they look so at home in the elements . There are always birds you miss and there always will be ,Sabine's was mine seen moments before arrival and despite checking every flock of Kittiwakes thereafter I could not pull it back , and those birds heading south with the wind up there backside and far out ,they become just pure guesswork.  2 full days and 2 half days of sheer magic , stiff with the cold and tired from getting up 4 days in a row very early , I wouldn't change a thing except  next time I might take a bit more to eat !!!!!!

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