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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Red Backed Shrike

I could not access the photos of the Red Backed Shrike that was along Blyth links the end of last month , I got the header done but not the photos for the post ,so here they are rather late but I took them so may as well use them.
Another run on the bike along what is becoming a monotonous route, through the churchyard along to the park and then along the links road checking the small pool ,although it's had nothing on for weeks now ,passing the Astley Pub I glanced  sideways while cycling along  a bird sitting near the top of a small bush  House Sparrow I thought as there is always lots in these bushes but that's a long tail, so I stopped and looked through the bins , Red Backed Shrike not far from the busy and noisy roadside . I had tried for this bird a few times as did others but with no luck , thinking it had gone off  along the hedgeline of the fields opposite , so I got a few photos till it flew North  I put the word out and headed to St Mary's , but on the way back much later it was back in the same spot catching Bees so I got a few more shots captured Bee included . Nice bird and glad to catch up with it.

Not seen many Commas this year this one in Blyth park

 And the now, dare I say Common Speckled Wood what a rapid expansion of this species in recent years

 Common Darter .here I'm trying to be arty but it looks as if the wings are folded back
 Luckily the light was good
I tried the zoom on this one but its a bit soft 

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