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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Tynemouth Castle/Priory

EDIT : It seems I have stirred some memories apparently in the 60's some members of  NTBC used to seawatch from a pill box in the castle grounds , but thought the height and distance a disadvantage ,   given the optics of the day that's no surprise  , I will at some stage take my scope in and give it a go, although it would never be  a practical location I am intrigued as to what can be seen  Cetaceans perhaps ? 

Its many years since I was in Tynemouth Castle/Priory/Gun Emplacement this post is more for those perhaps wanting to visit the Northeast  a day of mixed weather which added to the atmosphere .The first thing that struck me as I looked out to sea was the fantastic views looking down and over the sea this would be the  place to seawatch from apart from having to pay the £4:75 to get in , along the rough edges of the cliff which is overgrown there has probably been many a migrant landed  here and worked it's way around the thick cover to the south of the site  and over to Prior's Park .
The site history is well documented and it's odd to see a Castle enclosing a Priory, substantial Gun Emplacement , Graveyard and a modern Building used by the Coast Guard, which now seems to be empty and disused 
 View from the Castle wall looking out on the ships at anchor as they await a berth in the Tyne
 View looking along the pier from the Castle walls
 Several windows of stained glass still survive
 I don't know if it would be any good for seawatching as you can't tell till you try  but certainly has commanding views over the sea
 The Breach of the gun from the 40's as it was a WW11 and earlier emplacement with many bunkers ,rooms etc: beneath
 A serious piece of kit but apparently the earlier guns where much larger
 Looking through the Castle Keep up Tynemouth high street ,at the weekends there is a Fleamarket/Craft Market in the renovated Victorian Station well worth a visit
 Collingwood Monument on the right as you look across to South Shields the views are truly stunning
 Various clubs inhabit the bay ,Rowing ,Sailing, Kayaking, the old Lifeguard Station to the left of the monument is also a must visit site.
 Gun Emplacement  bunker in the foreground, Graveyard and Coastguards Station beyond . The Building looks unused now which seems a modern day trend of  a very short lifespan of buildings (Opened in 1980 closed 2001) certainly make a very good something but given its location and limited access my thoughts are it will be demolished (Apparently it is up for sale ?)
 Photo of a Photo showing the  aerial plan of the site
 Looking North  the Spanish City gleaming in the distance and St Mary's Island beyond
Looking down from the Castle walls it looks like a moat but if memory serves it was dug out when they built the pier (another must visit site)

 The Building to the left is a visitor centre and  toilet ,
 Ruins of the Priory some of the blocks of sandstone are huge how did they build this is amazing
Again looking towards the pier from the remnants of Castle buildings


Stewart J said...

Some childhood memories there Brian, thanks for posting.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Cheers Stewart, If you have not been for sometime or those that have not been at all , definitely worth a visit.