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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Fulmars-Common Sand

Out on the bike last week stopped at the cliffs just south of Seaton Sluice to try for the Fulmars that just seem to hang around I presume they are not yet mature enough to breed as there have been birds at various points on these cliffs for years but as far as I know non have nested. It is just fantastic to watch as they shear along the cliff face sometimes drifting up to have a look at you , forget the big lens they come so close so fast its impossible to focus , I had my SX50 which I have to admit is rubbish at flight shots to slow to focus and to long a shutter lag so I went home with many shots of the tip of a wing or just the sea. It was still early so I called along at the estuary at what is known as Monkey's Island  very little around but I did hear a Common Sandpiper first for the year ,when I located it on the mud and  was surprised to find actually three , I tried to get them all in one shot but they where not having it   
Guillemot on the rocks never a good sign 

 I tried to be arty with these two Rock Pipits first focusing on one then the other which would also get the sea in focus ,but reality is you would need a tripod  so it did not work
 I took quite a few of the Fulmars it looks so easy till you get the camera up , your own delayed reactions and the camera delay all adds up to a missed shot and I had loads
 I did at least like the composition of this one although the bird is slightly out of focus
 And this one if I had caught it a second later would have had St Mary's lighthouse in the background
And here are some loafing on the sea there where seven
 Common Sandpiper one of three on the mudflats,
 This straight out of the camera as is no processing at all
A spider where I sat so I tried Macro/close focus but you have to be very close indeed

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