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Monday, 12 May 2014

Windows8.1 -any good ?any tips?

Well I have had a nightmare time with computers just lately , like many I was still using Windows XP  it was more than adequate for my needs, but with the end of support I thought it time to upgrade , I have windows 7 starter on my netbook and again it more than meets my needs  but apparently support for this will also end in the not to distant future . So I opted for windows 8 , this has stuff on I will never need like FTSE index . the news that is always in your face masses of apps to chain you to the screen for hours with games ,recipes, travel apps , apps to manage apps , it just goes on and on , I liked things simple as on XP ,one screen with your icons of much used programs etc:. windows 8 has 2 screens and to change from one to another it's either press the marked key or place the mouse right in the corner bottom left  for one and top left for the other .The pop out menu to log off/shut down etc: is located on the right, and it does pop out , but only if it feels like it, at times I just can't get it to reveal itself . Well having  finally got it to show itself you then select "settings" then "power" and then "shut down" how much smarter and simpler is this compared to earlier windows versions not a lot apparently as soon after windows 8 was launched it was upgraded to 8.1 reverting slightly someway back to  the more familiar XP ,I eventually found you could upgrade to the 8.1 version free of charge I think it was via the APPS store , you still have two screens to swop between ,one has your sort of icons on but it looks rather bare as my previous computer had loads and loads of icons displayed , and then there is the apps page where I eventually found I was able to pin the "my computer " link here ,( there may be an easier way) I needed this because when I connected the external hardrive  with photos music etc on I could not find it , actually I only located it by switching it off and then back on where it appeared as having been just connected that's fine till you come out of it and then try to find it again . Well anyway I'm sure I will get used to it  after all it's not rocket science is it ,just as well though as a search of the APPS STORE does not reveal a Rocket Science app, there are however  hundreds of games etc: to turn you into either  a Genius or a Cabbage you decide .


Thomas Snowdon said...

Hi again Brian. My son just started using 8.1 and everything seems to be going smoothly. I'm still on 7 and was waiting to see how he found it.

I wonder if you need to download a new driver for your external hard drive. May be worth googling the particular model.

8.1 has some good reviews and the security is supposed to be a vast improvement on earlier versions.

Anyway, good luck!

Paul Harrison

Frank Anderson said...

Windows 8x is certainly an 'acquired taste'. I've stuck with Windows 7 whose security support won't run out until 2020 (hey, we could all be dead by then!) You will probably get used to its eccentricities and, in the meantime, Microsoft may release more updates to give it more XP/Windows 7 look and functionality. Are you finding it running faster than XP?


Northumbrian Birding said...

Cheers Guys, Windows 8 runs the hardrive no problem ,but when I came out of viewing it and tried to go back in later I could not find it again. sorted now
As far as windows 7 I'm sure I read updates would end in late 2015 ?
I have taken the step which is against all or most men's beliefs and actually started to read the help files(aka the manual) a weakness I know but what the hell I might learn something !!!!

Andrew Hodson said...

Windows 8 was designed for touch screen technology. I have not upgraded to 8.1 yet. I find myself talking to the computer more than with Vista(not always politely). I sympathise with your trials.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Yes Andrew you are right, we did look at a touchscreen PC , but I could not see myself using one OK for a tablet though. 8.1 does have a better layout and they say (micorsoft)it has better performance , and as it was free why not. I find speech devices are not geared up for my northern accent,I would need a translator.