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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Rothbury to Thropton along the Coquet

A couple of weeks ago I paid another visit to Rothbury for the Green Hairstreaks last visit I seemed to early and this visit to late as I saw no sign of any the weather was good enough but after an hour of searching I gave up and started to head towards Thropton for a walk along the river bank. This was an area I had not  been in before and I had not brought a map thinking I would be spending my time getting some photos of Butterflies, a chat with one of the locals soon put me on the right track he sent me on a slight detour but it was well worth it for the views . I ended up on the river edge crossed the footbridge to head along the south bank thinking I could get back into Rothbury that way you could years ago , well it turns out you can't the Golf Club has extended their course and now comes right to the river edge  so rather than just go along the edge of the course which I would have done one time I headed back about a mile to another footbridge and returned to Rothbury along the north shore . A very pleasant walk with some stunning views I would recommend it
 asses of these Moths on the wing and many even smaller so small I could not find them in the viewfinder when they landed
 These footprints in the mud as I looked over the road bridge at Thropton
 A few new flowers along the stream banks I suspect some where garden escapes from waste dumped
 I followed the stream till it came out in the Coquet
 Looking west along the Coquet the footbridge at Thropton in the distance
 The photos are not in order as some are from the phone and some the camera , a  Buzaard called as it flew low among the trees and then landed it was way off I could just make it out with bins, I gave it a go with the camera and was amazed with these photos it took some finding but lucky for me it sat around long enough which is unusual as they are usually gone long before you see them perched
 It even flew around and landed again this time giving slightly better views hence I used these two shots
 The following shots are all taken with the phone  this looking up the Valley
 and then down
 This is the sort of view the residents of WEST WESTHILL  get from their gardens and windows, I had a very pleasant chat with the Bungalow owner from this view taken from the road just outside , I must admit I would never have found the footpath as one stage you have to go up someone's drive which I did to find a couple sitting enjoying the sun and just on the corner of their garage is a yellow marker taking you through the garden and back up onto the hillside
 Much of the landscape is just fields of sheep or cattle
 This looks like the well worn path of an old drove road
 Which brings you over the top
 Through an old farm yard where I found this sandstone wheel long broken in two the other section visible in the grass it's got to be 6' across
 The views just go for miles and miles
 Looking down towards Thropton
 This was my lunch stop  as there was a park bench to make use of just got the coffee poured when it actually did pour and I had to take shelter under the bushes it did not last long thankfully the sun returned and I hung my fleece over the bench to dry. A Cuckoo calling with Reed Bunting, Sedge, Willow & Chiffchaff all singing with Linnets ,Yellowhammer and Goldfinches also dropping in nearby. The footpath actually heads down through the gorse  but there are so many sheep trails it's would be easy to get lost, so I headed down the Bridleway which the seat is located on and came into Thropton
 View from the footbridge ,  Lots and lots Swallows and Martins , Common Sandpipers , Ringed Plover , Oystercatchers, and a couple of Dippers

 The river was running very fast at some points and would be impossible and dangerous to cross
This old WW11 pillbox with the gun slits just visible is on the rougher part of the south bank and not far from here I had to turn around and go back to another footbridge


Stewart M said...

What a splendid part of the world - I once caught lampreys in the Coquet while doing survey work.. Never seen once since. I great day!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Hi Stewart, Great to think my little ramblings have reached OZ, you had me intrigued so a quick search revealed that Brook Lampreys had been recorded as high as Alwinton and Sea Lamprey as far as Morwick ( I had to look up where that was its on the edge of Warkworth and I've actually been many times ) there are many weirs on the Coquet and this probably limits their range. It's fascinating how encounters with nature stay with you forever !!!