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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

7-05-07 Here and There

Digiscoped fox LInton

Out very early today and headed for Holywell Pond found the Garganey male at the East side fast asleep beside a Shoveller even when this left it still sat at the edge with its head tucked in ,it eventually woke and swam in front of the hide then flew up to the far West end still a couple of Swift hawking the pond.
Stopped at the Beehive flash two Redshank and a Wood Sandpiper but the wind had started to pick up took a digiscoped shot and a couple of record shots not much to add from St Mary’s so I headed home for a late breakfast.
Thought I would head up to Linton Pond , on the way picked up an injured Barn Owl from the spine road and took it to the Wildlife Sanctuary they seemed to think it would be OK I will call later in the week to see what the outcome is, a Fox on the far side of the Pond plenty of Canada one new brood on the East pond and a good collection of Gulls but not much in the woods

Digiscoped but the wind as always at this location rather strong
Wood Sandpiper and Redshank
Displaying and calling like a Caper' without the plop

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