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Friday, 11 May 2007

9-05-07 St Marys & Holywell Pond

Short Eared Owl

A very early start at St Mary’s to look for the Fox it was on view immediately but at the far end it did come down the East side but still distant with more and more dog walkers showing up it melted away, I did have my first Whimbrel over its good they like to call as many would go unnoticed ,later I went to Holywell heavy showers soon followed so I just sat in the shelter, but a very dull day by now, suddenly the Garganey dropped in and started to display then took off North only to come back again, male Shovellers did the same constantly moving around ,the Garganey settled down in the corner and was there when I left as a SEO took my attention so I went to try and get some photos it was a very dark individual a great end to the day.


Fox on the wetland

Sedge Warbler

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