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Sunday, 29 July 2007

24-07-07 Butterflies & KItes

Today was forecast to be sunny a good day for Butterflies perhaps so I went to try and see the Purple Hairstreak & White Letter Hairstreak I should have read up on them as I expected them to be much larger the Purple were tiny and very hard to spot and even harder to get a photograph of but as it was sunny I just stood around till I did no sign of the Whites for me but there was a reported sighting a few newly emerged Commas on the wing looking very smart and bright, I then called in to a pool and just outside the hide these little Grebes nesting so I won’t say where it is just incase someone has a go at them this was my lunch stop but not much else around no Dragonflies other than Blue & Blue Tailed.
In the afternoon I went to have a look at the Red Kites view point and managed to find one of the juveniles sitting in the trees an adult brought food to it and I noticed it came in through cover of the woods so as not to give it away as there was a direct route which is how I could see it three Kites flew around overhead but too high to get some shots, so I took some of the juvenile to try and get the tag which was A3
Newly Fledged A3 Digiscoped in the canopy

Little Grebes with at least 5eggs just outside the hide
Purple Hairstreak high up on the Oak
Puple Hairstreak out in the sun

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