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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

27-07-07 Friday

Friday cycled to Hauxley via Cresswell and East Chevington still not many waders on the pools I remember one year on a small pool just through the end of Druridge Bay there was a flock of 115 Black Tailed Godwits and yet despite all the rain that pool has not come back. There was a large camp of Gypsies in the field near the pools but they seemed an organised bunch with marquees and flags flying etc, A good number of Sand Martins over the water tried to get a couple of shots ,Spoonbill still on the Island at Chevington and a single Black Tailed Godwit on the way back hoping for Roseate here but as yet none onto Hauxley the Little Egret also still there till it flew south 3 Greenshanks and a common Sandpiper with Tufted one with very small young and this Hybrid ? with an older single chick also Whimbrel in the area its hard to see out from the Tern hide in the late afternoon as the sun is straight in your eyes, back in the small hide something shot through and put all the waders up I only got a glimpse of it but back on the road something dropped in at the side of the road ahead and as soon as I tried to get nearer it flew off again some way off what the hell is that I thought but as I could not make it out it was just to far, so I got a few shots before it went around and back the way it came turned out to be a Juvenile cuckoo the first I have seen for some time.

Silver Studded Blue wrong it's a Female Common Blue ,only got the one shot before it was off.
Sand Martin picking off the water
Tufted Hybrid ? No just a worn female thanks BB

Tufted with younger chick

This Juvenile was just too far for my bins to make it out but this heavily cropped shot sorted it out.


bb said...

Hello Brian, the Tufty is a worn female, a few are like that at this time. The butterfly is more perplexing. No SSBlues this far north....


Boulmer Birder said...

Hi Brian. The butterfly is a female Common Blue. The duck is a female Tufty. After a hard breeding season many look like Scaup crosses.
Cheers Stewart.

Brian said...

Thanks for the info,I have put in another female that was nearby on the day much brighter eyed, head and neck sleaker they always kept apart.
thanks also for the Butterfly I.D as I said I only got one shot so no photo of the underside, I have limited referance re distubution etc