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Wednesday, 25 July 2007

21/22-07-07 The Weekend

The weekend was rather dull and rainy again, the juvenile Herring Gull made its first flight and landed in the bushes where it stayed most of the afternoon the adults swooped down on me when I went out to get some pics joined by birds from nearby they flew around making a right noise, had a run as far as Hauxley as much to look at the flowers as anything, surprised to see the Little Egret as we opened the hide shutter at the out flow having come in from the south ,I was even more surprised that it did not fly off so we watched it rapidly picking out small fish from the edges, before it finally left flying south, there is a good range of flowers here, near the visitor centre (with list of whets around which I check then look for the ones I don’t know )and along the track to the hides also good for Butterflies usually but not more than loads of Meadow Browns on to East Chevington having a look for flowers in the dunes but my favourite spot had a large family camping out with large tent and all the gear, huge flock of Scoter still on the sea and ever increasing numbers of Juvenile Terns at the out flow with Common Blues around .
The water levels very high with weed starting to grow in large parts of the north pool sheltering from the rain one day I went into the centre hide which gives good views onto the island but the grass is upto the windows so you can’t see the Terns as they bathe just along the shore and the large red lifebuoy is right in the way but on the plus side I did stay dry.
First flight

Digiscoped @ Hauxley

I never tire of these gorgeous birds
Orange Hawkbit
White Selfheal
Whotsit on a thingy ?
Common Blue

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