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Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Out and about before the rain

A break in the weather so I went off to look for Dragonflies or Butterflies I visited several sites most held no surprises but did manage to get a few shots before the heavens opened for one almighty downpour , there are not the numbers around as last year perhaps its still early for some ,also checking out for any new flowers that I may come across it’s a slow learning curve as for every three I learn I forget the names of two others, one year I started very early in the year and checked out everything as it came through but it got harder as June & July came in ,same with Dragons & Damsels I would find them even harder if I could not get some shots of them.
I thought plants needed light to grow,or is it just strength
A rather wing battered Female Emperor Ovipositing

Male Emperor on patrol

Common Darter

Ruddy Darter


st said...

Don't tell me, your drive was installed by two irish blokes who knocked on the door and cheap.
I tried for two hours one day to get a hover fly shot like that, failed miserably

Brian said...

I gave up trying to follow them and just set to manual and focused on the flight path this was the best of the bunch,but digital is cheap (no film to process anyway)good way to spend a sunny day when we get them !!!!