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Friday, 17 October 2008

14-10-08 Linton Ponds

I love to eat Mushrooms but never sure which is edible and which is not

It was colder today so I thought a look at Linton Ponds would be a good idea, not as many Gulls around as I had hoped , the gear set up for some digiscoping but nothing caught my eye , Common Darter briefly on the walk through it suddenly got really cold so I headed home early, later I must have got a chill as I felt as stiff as a board and have not been out since (Friday) looks like it's time for the winter gear to come out. A few fly around at Linton
Lesser Black Backed
Bean Goose............rossicus
Common Darter



What are the main differences between the tundra and tiaga bean goose as I can still not tell.

Northumbrian Birding said...

rossicus is dumpier,shorter rear & shorter necked with shorter bill having less orange, fabalis has a straight cutting edge with a longer bill , and rossicus has an open grin look cutting edge, open the corner of your mouth and you get the idea !!, the bird has small feather there so it is not as easy to see.