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Thursday, 9 October 2008

6-10-08 Holywell to St Mary's

Cycled through to Holywell and on to St Mary's, a big mistake going along the tracks through the fields it was a quagmire and very hard work trying to pedal through the mud on a one wheel drive ,didn't even stop for a nice Red Admiral, when I got to the old railway line , I was done in and as I slowly peddled along the track I was overtaken by a Hawker as it came over my shoulder and passed me easily, I had to have a laugh at that, I pulled up as it turned and came back down the track, trying to follow them is very hard , but I saw it land and to my surprise not on the sunny side of the track but in the shade and it had climbed into the Hawthorn so it took some finding , perhaps it was roosting and aligning up for the morning sun, large numbers of gulls right in the middle to far for bins to check properly, St Mary's the tide just on the turn it pushed the Golden plover off the rocks and into the mast fields again

Migrant Hawker, it's well into the Hawthorn so it was not easy to get a shot of.
Moorhen at Holywell pond not much else came close.

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Blyth Birder said...

Aye, those tracks through the fields are a nightmare when its wet.