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Thursday, 9 October 2008

5-10-08 Amble

Sunday the 5th of October we had a run through to Amble for a look around the harbour area the tide was well out but on the turn so we had our packed lunch overlooking the braid two Herring Gulls with colour rings but still can't read the numbers from the photos it was fine and sunny so I just had a dabble at some digiscoping , from here we called in at Hauxley with a flock of Goldfinches just outside the hide ,not much else here other than the very large flock of Geese , but again fine and sunny checked out the other hides , and just sat with a coffee and a cake as the sun set.

This I caught in the garden, yet to look it up

Garden Spider
Greenshank from Cresswell Digiscoped
Digiscoped at Amble
Common Gull , I do like these Digiscoped at Amble
Digiscoped at Amble
Digiscoped at Hauxley

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