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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Bird Twitter

I was out one day on the bike just with my bins I stopped to look in some treetops a guy asked me if I was a "Bird Twitter ", which I had to smile at he must have meant Twitcher as anyone with bins is one according to the press etc:, even heard the term used in historic TV dramas long before the term was actually coined ,I have no idea when this was nor even care, but as this chap told me of all the rare birds he had seen in the area  I kept looking into the trees , "are you listening " he asks yes I said trying not to laugh at the phrase "Bird Twitter" going through my head. Lately I have given it some thought perhaps this guy was more hip than I  thought ,what is Twitter I hear the term a lot , also facebook and a host of other sites , I used to think I was keeping up with new innovations etc., but reality is I do not have a clue about this rapidly moving world of the social nitwork . Years ago I had to make the decision to either buy a Betamax or VHS recorder  ( these where an electrical device to record from your TV onto magnetic tapes ) I paid about £480 for a Betamax thought to be the better quality format go figure !! , So perhaps I will wait and see what happens to Twitter and the rest  before I look any further, in the mean time does anyone want to buy a Betamax Video recorder I 'm sure there is also some original tapes probably with some episodes of  programmes long forgotten  !!!!!  

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