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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Whitburn Coast 25-3-11

Spent another sunnyish day  a bit colder and at times overcast but it is still only March , walked along the coast starting at Seaburn to  Whitburn then Souter Lighthouse , I do like the coast and I like the different aspect of this coastline with its rock formations sheltered bays and great views , birds very thin on the ground but this was a walk to get to know the area a bit better ,put the places to the names ,Whitburn Steel, South Bents, Whitburn obs, I shall be over more this year 
Souter Lighthouse National Trust
 I think this is Wherry Bay looks like there has been some pipeline lain not the blue stuff but a wide track and those boulders look like they have been placed on top of it, not sure what the group in the gap where up to Geology students perhaps all in hard hats and life jackets, this is also the bay they trap Storm Petrels in later in the year but at about 1am in the dark with some very large Rats around it has a different feel to it !!
 Souter in the distance everything looks a long way off as you can see so far up the coast , but in reality its not far to walk.also a great coast to cycle with easy access all the way to the Ferry.

 This fish in the middle of the path, it was pointing out to sea which  denotes that Saturday will be dull with light rain  !!!!!!!
All these bays will have local names how long has the sea taken to create this 
The Whitburn Seawatch hide (the one on the left) it does have elevation with fantastic vista and an impressive record .I have not seawatched from here yet perhaps this year .

As usual I have put the photos in the wrong order this is the area looking towards Whitburn Steel 

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