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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Birder on the Bus

Twite digiscoped ,slight camera shake with the wind the links at Druridge

Well I have reached (actually past ) the age when I am entitled to a Bus Pass so this year I am going to see how many birds can be seen using public transport including the Metro which I also have a pass for ,a couple of trips out to get me started visiting  Morpeth ,Fish Quay, Amble-Cresswell  & Newbiggin .
My motives are more Mean than Green Warrior given the outlandish cost of petrol,but I am sure it will reduce my carbon footprint,this weekend I was supposed to be going over with the NTBC to Kielder but I now see the date was changed from the 20th to the 19th so it looks like I have had that ,I think that area  will be out of reach via public transport .Its not just for birds, should be able to cover many ponds over the Summer looking for Dragonflies hopefully walking between sites then hoping on a bus back home , I have assembled a pile of timetables for the area if anyone else has done something similar I would be interested to hear.
I have a few photos to post later from outings to date and a tally of sightings which obviously at the start increases easily but some like a visit to the Fish Quay did not produce anything given the fact that its fairly quiet time of the year anyway, also I can't see me waiting for the bus to Cresswell when something Mega turns up there or anywhere else for that matter,I'm only human.
A major problem birding on the coast is the crowded beaches it may look empty but actually there are three people in the distance !!!! should have got there earlier.
Only two bike tracks and a few footprints to spoil the scene , all with a low carbon footprint (at least till they get back to their huge 4X4)
It was a scene like this when I saw what I thought was a very large dead ?  Seal on the shoreline,so I headed off into the distance to get some close-ups ,I walked and walked it did not seem to get any nearer and this was opposite to the direction I was going , kept looking through the bins till eventually I realised it was a large rock that now looked nothing like a Seal so I could't even string it .

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