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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Killingworth Lake-Whooper !

Called at Killingworth Lake  on Tuesday 29-3-11 only the one male Goosander present about 60 Tufted Duck ,2 Great Crested grebe, a few Pochard my first lesser Black-backs of the year and still around was the Whooper Swan,I had scanned for it on arrival but thought it had gone walking the roadside path there it was just near the edge ,it seems to have a hint of juvenile plumage on its  back  I wonder if it is a youngster that strayed from the rest and just settled here ,it does have a ring on which I managed to get a photo of unfortunately just the section with the BTO address if anyone has further details I would be interested, no sign of any Goldeneye today usually a good spot for them . (Apparently the Whooper Swan was ringed at Killingworth  in January this year, thanks to Ian fisher for the information)  


Brian Robson said...

Whooper was a i think, with an adult pair at SW Pond in the winter.

I think it became separated and ended up at killy.

It was recently rescued as it had a plastic strip round the bill, also found to be in poor condition at the time. Its looking better at the moment.

regards br

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks Brian I thought it must have been separated at some stage , as you say good to see it so healthy looking.