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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Books For Sale

I don't know about anywhere else but right over my house it is pouring down with rain so I have took the opportunity to sort out some books for sale.   Email if you want further details
 These five insect titles £15 the lot
 Insight into Ants £5
" Predators & Prey in the living world "
 New Zealand £6
 Butterfly £8
 The Classic "Birds of the World ............ Arthur Singer £5
 Fair isle Bird reports, 1991,92,93,94,.....96 for  £5
 Watching Dragonflies......... signed copy by Steve Dudley & Andrew Maackey
 Hawkmoths   £10
 These two for £7
 Natural History Society Transactions G.W.Temperley " A History of the Birds of Durham"  & The Northern Naturalists Union " The birds of the Tees Valley "    for £10

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