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Sunday, 31 July 2011

St Mary's Island 29-7-11

Friday a trip along to St Mary's to look out for Roseate Terns ,the tide dropping plenty of Common Terns around and a few Sandwich, picked out a Med Gull on the north shore it had a colour ring  so I set about trying to get some shots using a different camera  than usual it was much harder to use but hoping the quality will be better when I get used to it. About 10 mins later located another Adult Med this one unringed , there was a frenzy on the beach with Redshank, Turnstone   & Black-headed Gulls all feeding as the tide rapidly dropped then they all spent time on the now exposed rocks  preening , good little session  
 Adult Mediterranean Gull
 Not sure if this is a full Adult yet thought I saw a trace of Grey/Black in the wing tips green ring with AHJH edit: checking the NTBC website (link on the side) this bird was ringed as a nestling 7/7/08 Germany and last seen Newbiggin 30/7/09

AHJH ring clearly shown is this shot
 Found this small Hedgehog in the garden one morning seemed OK so I put it in a box for the day with some food and water, which it had ate by evening and released it back in the garden.
Found this redish Spider amongst the wood chippings

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