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Monday, 11 July 2011

Natures Mysteries

The other day I found some of these an Ichneumon Wasp I think, there where several on one plant Willowherb , they seemed to be holding territory with one on each level or was it coincidence as I watched for awhile but could not work out what was happening they just kept turning around in circles first one way then the other, next to this where  a number of Common Blue Damselflies one coupled pair perched on a stalk till the female twisted around and released from the male submerged underwater to lay eggs I watched for a full 10mins to try and get a shot as it emerged but never saw it again, a couple of Teneral Common Darter leaving the pool edges and heading for the trees, at this time still no larger Dragonflies.

 The female just before she twisted out of the grasp of the male and submerged
 Not sure how they breath under water
 Broad Leaved Everlasting Pea putting on a good show it has large flowers

The Swifts where wheeling around over the garden later in the day tried to get some shots but only managed this one

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