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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Crimdon Dene

A visit to Crimdon Dene one reason to check out the Little Tern colony  and another the habit which is supposed to be good for plants . The Little Terns nest on the dune edge on stoney ground which is added to in the winter by wardens the area is fenced off but still seems to get some disturbance ,people seem to think the fence is there so they can use it to watch the Terns from , I have read that 57 pairs  had young  great little birds to watch fiesty when it comes to protecting eggs and young any bird that flew over or near was harried.
Typical of a British Summer it was nice travelling down and for a brief spell there ,but it soon clouded over and became cool so no hope of Butterflies other than the few out earlier, tried to find some new flowers for me without much luck . Called in at the wardens and was immediately given a seat  and a cup of coffee with  commanding views of the sea and coastline what a great spot to spend a bit of time

 I kept well away from the colony but birds would occasionally fly overhead ,this one about to have a mid-air scratch , a scope is needed plenty  of areas with a bit of height to get some good views from
 The fenced area containing the colony , without this they would not have a hope !!!

 Looking back up the beach the fence in the foreground and wardens hut on the hillside
 Some large areas of Betony the soil obviously suiting their needs
 I have to look this up as I am not sure what it is yet.
 Pyramidal Orchid
 Interesting coastline due to the rock type.
There must be vast areas of coast like this with thick virtually inaccessible cover .

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