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Monday, 1 August 2011

Swifts 1-8-2011

Edit :- The Swifts have now flown the nest and that's it for another year, I keep checking the nest just in case they have wandered out of camera range  and will also check incase the adults return as they did one year and roosted for 3-4 nights before departing. 
Just noticed the size of the gape so I have taken a snapshot from the video , that's one huge gape for such a small bird , the bill seems to be used purely for preening  itself , partner or the young this in particular looks rather a rough affair .

1st of August already ,looking at the Swifts tonight it's getting harder to tell the young from the adults , it's getting to that time when they will be leaving the nest and not long after that they will all be heading South , it's always good to see them go  but sad at the same time , always seems such a long time till they are with us again. So one evening I will turn on the camera to find an empty nest again, I have no idea as to what is happening with the other nest , I can only hope they will have reached fledging also .

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