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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Holywell Pond 8-8-2011

A couple of hours at Holywell yesterday  two black-necked Grebes at the west end , numerous Little Grebes  still feeding various ages of young , a Sparrowhawk took something  from the feeding station and landed across the pond it was so silent ,no waders to get to grips with , but a Juvenile Mediterranean Gull following the plough with the hundreds of other assorted Gulls  & Corvids. 
The two individuals spent most of the time asleep with the occasional dive and preen 

Could have got the exposures  better,but  using a different digidscope setup and its like starting from scratch.

For some reason one individual would feed near an upending Mallard perhaps it disturbed fish as it fed , but the Grebe made a definite and swift effort to swim over and dive nearby . Not surprising they can move so fast when you see the size of those feet
I thought "Podiceps " would have something to do with the shape of the foot but apparently its the placing of the legs at the rear of the body !! 

Little Grebe almost giving me the eye as it feeds young near the hide.


Johnnykinson said...

The 3rd BN and the Little Grebe images are nice

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks John, The foibles of digiscoping you need a good set up ,and good light.