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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Newbiggin Meds !!!

A walk along Newbiggin  beach from the South side to Church point and along past the Caravan Park, not looking for anything in particular but I had taken my camera ,it was good to find a number of assorted aged Med Gulls in with the Black-Headed Gulls that seem to like this area .
A lone Seawatcher  in the form of The Liverbirder sat eyes fixed on the sea ,with little movement I did suggest he should have brought  a book, the path along past the Caravan Park has all but  gone due to erosion which makes it harder to get along and look down onto the beach at the same time.

 A couple of colour ringed birds that I have already recorded
 The Juveniles seem to change rapidly in their  first few months

 I counted 7 Juveniles but a recent count had up to 13 with a total of c60
The beach is a huge expanse so even though the birds get flushed there is always somewhere else to settle

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