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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Bonaparte's Gull

Monday I decided to go over to Seaburn to try for the Bonaparte's Gull, got there well before the high tide walked along towards Whitburn Steele plenty waders on the rocks but not many gulls around till the message came through that the bird was further to the south feeding just offshore with Black headed Gulls  , it always seemed the furthest bird so I had no chance with my lens ,eventually went up and further along the headland the bird could be seen below so I got some shots in case  it flew off, but that was far from the case, heavily in moult and missing most of the outer primaries apparently, in never lifted from the sea once in the couple of hours I was there. The tide rose and fell immediately, I always thought it stood for an hour but apparently here it drops away again ,this gave us access to the beach with the bird just offshore but alas the nearer it was the more shadow there was (never happy !!!) so we waited till it drifted occasionally into the Sun , what can I say a cracking little bird , thoughts turn to the last Northumberland bird a few years ago ,it could conceivably be the same bird . A tree nester which must be some sight !!!
While waiting for the tide to drop a Wheatear fed near the seating area just by the road giving stunning views.      
Also 3 otherss of my photos on Birdguides and those of others, link below.


Johnnykinson said...

Bet you were like a pig in muck with the gull Brian.
Was down that way on Monday calling at Greatham Creek area for Wilsons Phalarope then tea time on way back up for Bonie's Gull but dipped on both. Did get Little Stint by way of some compensation at Saltholme.
That 3rd image along the water is very nice indeedy.

Northumbrian Birding said...

You must have been late as we left about 7pm the bird still just along from the beach.