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Sunday, 7 August 2011

White Faced Darter & other Dragonflies

The end of  July visit to look for White Faced Darter in the good company of   blogger John from "Sedgedunum Warbler "  . The walk to the site was warm and I was full of expectation a pair of Guinea Fowl  on the track was an odd sight. A Hawker patrolled a sunny area but would not settle , Black Darters  sitting on Heather gave the first photographs , and it took only minutes to find the first W-F -D, not in the best position for photos but I took a few just in case , better opportunities came later , actually I took so many I could not download the card  till  I made room on the hard-drive . The sun went behind the clouds at times and most species went with it ,but as soon as the sun returned so did the Dragonflies ,  great day out  with a new species of Dragonfly to add to my photos. We  where both exhausted  on arrival back at the car the good weather had been kind to us but also took its toll !!!
Here are a few images from the day more to follow after processing .
 Numerous webs of these Spiders dotted through the Heather
 Black darter female
 No Idea what this is just caught my eye on the Moss
 Black Darter female
 Black Darter male
 Good numbers of Emerald Damselfly around ,they are so thin and wispy its hard to get a focus on them.
 Common Blue Damselfly using a feather to rest on (anyone tell what its from )
 White -Faced Darter
 Black darters coupled with the female ovipositing  along the pool edges
 A few Four Spot Chaser which actually chased off the Common Hawkers
 White -Faced Darter on cotton grass coming to the end of their flight period this one showing some wing damage
 Common Hawker constantly on the wing but came so close at times  as it searched for females. The Yellow Costa can be seen on the above .


Johnnykinson said...

Worth the wait for the images Brian.
The wings in some of the shots are superb and nice to pick out the costa on the Common Hawker as you mention. That's definitely from a bird!
Cracking day out and the weather was more than kind. Look forward to the next one.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks John, Still loads of photos to go through seems like months ago with the weather change ,hard to believe its only August.