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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

White Faced Darter etc:

Just a few more images from the visit to photograph White Faced Darter at the end of July, I may have used an image more than once but it's been confusing sorting them out  so this is the last 
This is the ideal perch for a White Faced Darter prominent ,giving good visibility  and easily absorbing the suns rays  which seems so essential to their lives . I can only assume these positions are  held by the more mature males.
Despite their name other features of this species is very attractive,the red on the Thorax and sections of the upper Abdomen the dark spots on the wings  and the erratic flight all add to the appeal.
Black darter ,despite all the shots I don't seem to have captured a female/Imm male  of the White Faced Darter  they could have been dispersed in the Heather .
A pair of WFD coupled in the tall grass was as near as I could get
I was keen to get a close up of the face , it seems to add some personality to them, but they nearly always either faced away or to the side
This is probably the best I got of the facial expression , there was no chance of getting close with my compact camera.

This is the same perch as the first photo which was very popular , if I could do it again I would set the tripod and camera at this and just wait , but it would be hard with so much else going on.
These are Emerald Damselflies  unable to get them both in focus I had to focus from the Male to the Female, an attractive species seen at many ponds .

These Water Boatman  where constantly on the move swimming (or rowing) upside down ,investigating anything that touched the surface tension of the water , a Common Blue Damselfly made this mistake and was grabbed from below , I put the camera up to get a shot but it just flipped over and dived down ,fascinating to watch.
This Water Boatman turns over to dive
Again the coupled WFD from the previous photos having moved ,still face on but just to far away to get them both in focus.

Black  Darters coupled 

Four Spot Chaser
And another Four Spot Chaser


Johnnykinson said...

Some cracking images again Brian. I find it very hard work wading through lots of very similar images when i've been out, especially when many are of a specific species. It's sooooo hard picking out the best ones sometimes so when you've taken as many as you did that day it's no suprise it takes a couple of weeks to get them on the blog. Worth the wait though.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks John, Now just got to find myself one of those obliging Nymphs emerging,some decent weather and not to far in the water......etc:,etc: