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Friday, 9 September 2011

Hawker,Darter, Vole & Lizard

A run up the coast to Cresswell and a walk along the road/ track to East Chevington, brief stop at the flash near Lynemouth revealed 5 Ruff , then the stop at Cresswell was also brief the water level very high and onto the road 2 Ruff and  three Black-tailed Godwits circled the point but then headed South.
Nothing of note at Druridge ,plenty of Common Darter and a single Migrant Hawker just a little to high for me , a walk along the tarmacked road was just a stroll  but was pleased to find a Common Lizard in the brief period of sunshine , and I nearly stood on this Short -tailed Field Vole ,which seemed totally unconcerned by me  even when I put the camera near 
Migrant hawker
Common Darter, absorbing heat from the ground
Still a few Butterflies around  also, Small Copper, Peacock,Red Admiral, Wall & Meadow Brown
I nearly stood on this but instead of it disappearing it allowed me to get a few shots

 Common Lizard  was getting some sun , which allowed me to just stand very still and get some shots

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