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Friday, 30 September 2011


Well first the Sandhill Crane what a fantastic but  brief event , it was past before I heard about it  so all I could do was follow its progress South , AC even got some good flight shots of it , a fantastic  one off opportunity for a County first .
Sorted a couple of shots of the Owls at Prestwick Carr the Long Eared was in deep cover  and mostly either kept its eyes closed or was looking down .
 Coming to at the time a favoured post with prey.
 Some digiscoped shots as most of the flight shots turned out rubbish this night

 Absolutely cracking birds  and a privilege to watch
 Penny for your thoughts !!!
This one had tufts erect so not as relaxed as it could be , but with cars going past and people chatting   


Johnnykinson said...

Never mind the burger van Brian, we could do with an ice cream van.
Best set of shots i've seen from "The Carr" so far.
I've been joining the throng for the last three nights, mainly because of the fantastic light, but have no images to show for it. To be quite honest i haven't taken too many images as i've just been enjoying watching them go about their business. Superb birds to watch.

Northumbrian Birding said...

That's it John just enjoy the spectacle a few photos is just a bonus.