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Friday, 2 September 2011

Migrant Hawker

The other day I encountered my first settled Migrant Hawker usually find them fairly easily but not this year so I took what I could with the camera I had with me ,other things encountered , Speckled Wood, Red Admiral, Common Darter , Emerald damselfly, Small Copper several species of Fungi but most of the photos dark due to the dull day , 
 Puffballs looking really fresh ,spores dispersed via wind and rain .
Small Copper oddly it landed three times on Knapweed that had gone to seed ?
Common Darter on the seat beside me it lifted several times before I could get this close ,complete with designer satubble !!!!!
 Migrant Hawker found this one already settled so it was quite obliging , it would be helpful but impossible to have the camera on a tripod for these type of photos as I am leaning over for what seems like forever and trying to keep the camera still.
 Pleased with this shot although the head is not sharp but I was more trying to catch the colour on the wing , not hard to see why they are becoming more and more popular with Birders

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