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Monday, 26 September 2011

Short Eared Owl- Video

I have got a lot of photos to process but had time to upload this 50 second  clip of a Short Eared Owl from Prestwick Carr I have taken out the sound as mostly you get the wind through the trees ,aircraft or someone talking.
Produced, Filmed, Processed , Edited  & Uploaded , as well as getting the gear to and from location , all done by me !!!!!!!! Just where do I get the time  !!


Johnnykinson said...

Job(s) well done sir!!
Give y'sell a pat on the back.

Codders said...


nice little vid but glad you took the sound out, as I dont need to hone my calling skills of the Lesser PCW, City B, SW or NBBN as I have heard them quite regularly in the last couple of weeks and can recognise them at over 100m as no doubt they were contributing to the background noise


Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks Guys, I must admit there was more than a few the last time I was there, is there a Burger van yet ?