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Monday, 23 January 2012

Fish Quay Foray !!

Last week a run up to the Tyne to look for any white-winged gulls started off at the Black Middens just a few gulls around up to 10 Purple Sandpipers along the breakwater, after a good search no sign of any white -winger's , a Grey Seal pup on the small beach it seemed Ok  as I watched it alert and mobile but I found out it was taken into care later into care the week , I presume that's a mark from The Farnes on it's back . On the off chance there could be something on the boating lake I stopped there for awhile , mostly frozen with just a 12-15' circle which meant the gulls if they wanted a wash had to use this ,plenty sitting around on the ice but nothing unusual not even any ringed birds 
 Purple Sandpiper Tynemouth
 Grey Seal pup near the fish quay

Taken into to care later in the week
 Herring Gull adult boating lake
 1st year Herring Gull
Adult winter Common Gull

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