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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Newbiggin - Desert Wheatear

Last Friday I headed up to Newbiggin to have  another look at the Desert Wheatear walked along the beach to its usual haunt but no sign of it anywhere even further along on the beach south of Alcan Power Station , back to Beacon point in the hope it had returned  gave it another hour ,there had been huge amounts of sand blown across the beach onto the cliff edge this could have been what eventually persuaded it to move on . Across the Golf course a couple of Short  Eared Owls  sparring with each other so I headed over and got into the Gorse in the hope they would come nearer ,they just always seem to veer off before you get that great shot , the amount of blurred shots or shots with just half a bird in all end up deleted .  I counted up to 5 birds around ranged some distance apart , always great to see even the golfers seem to appreciate them. Last call before heading home a look on the beach several Mediterranean Gulls  around but rather wary as a digger was dumping sand that had blown into the car park etc: . a very pleasant day,I was expecting the Desert Wheatear to be relocated further up the coast , perhaps it is still around  just waiting to be re-found on someone else's patch !!!

 I counted up to 10 Purple Sandpipers from Church to Beacon point

 Short eared Owls hunting near the Golf Course

Med Gulls Newbiggin bay

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