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Monday, 30 January 2012

Red Kite -roost

Last week I  decided to go and check out the Red Kite roost just over in Gateshead, calling at Shibdon for the afternoon  before heading to the nine arches , it was rather quiet at the pond workers over the far side on the boardwalk pushed out the Snipe and the flock wheeled around before settling at the edge on the North side  top count as they settled was 66 but probably more just out of sight , also counted the Lapwings  my first guess was about 300 but when they split into two groups it was easier to count them, I was surprised to get  536 but Lapwings being flighty birds it was not long before they where up again , only a score of B headed's and a few Common Gulls , 18 redshank and 8-9 Heron, the day had turned rather dull by now. Walking along to the arches two Kites seen straight away , up at the watchpoint  5-6 sitting in a tree and two more over the far side , the numbers increased rapidly with a total of 21 in the area and 15 in one view ,by now getting darker with light rain , although the birds coming lower the light was dismal  for photographs , so I just enjoyed as they circled the valley , one was noted to be carrying a twig , it settled near the two birds but lifted rapidly and just circled around . Brilliant bit of birding  I shall go back again soon but on a better day or keep going back till I do !!! 
A flock of Snipe at Shibdon Pond

 This Kite was carrying a small twig around
 Coming reasonably close overhead giving great views , but not necessarily good photo's !!
Three of 5 sitting around


Johnnykinson said...

Hi Brian,
I went down to the Nine Arches beginning of last week to watch the Red Kites coming in to roost. Managed 7 in air at one time and 27 in view in various plces at one time. The main reason i'm telling you is because if you go again soon if you makeyour way down there from Thormley Woodland centre via the yellow trail you will pass some fantastic carvings that were commissioned by a guy who when clearing the area leaves a number of stumps then carves them using a chain saw. There are 8 (i think ) and definitely worth seeing if you are in the area.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks for that John , I have seen some of the carvings near the hide I think,they really are fantastic,I walked in from Winlaton Mill as its an easy walk back in the dark.

Killy Birder said...

I was up there on Saturday Brian, as you may have seen. John had mentioned the roost to me earlier.
The weather was perfect on Saturday and there was certainly 20+ Red Kites, but I wasn't able to get an exact count. A great sight and a wonderful way to spend some time in quite a spectacular area.


Northumbrian Birding said...

Yes just been catching up with the blogs Saturday I was up the coast and it was a much better day, sounds like it was a good day everywhere !