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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

More from Iceland

End of last week I had another couple of hours at North Shields Fish Quay , the near Adult Iceland was around but I was hoping for either a Glaucous or the 2nd Winter Iceland  or Kumliens or anything else that wanted to show itself  , as it happens there was only the one bird . Gull behaviour can be quite aggressive when it comes to food , one bird was carrying damage to it's wing  probably caused clashing with another bird but it did not seem to cause it any problems in flight , I watched another Juvenile hold in the wind and slowly drop height near a fishing boat it  took a bit of manoeuvring, dropping back slightly then  lowering  till it eventually came level with the chute low down on the side of the boat where the discarded fish come through , it then looked in carefully as it held it's position seeing nothing to eat it immediately lifted and went to look elsewhere, all this it had learned in it's first year.    
 Sub - Adult Iceland Fish Quay north Shields
 Iceland don't seem to be as aggressive when  going for food usually keeping to the edge  of a group
 A noticeable amount of damage to this wing , but it did not seem to hinder  flight .

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