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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Angry Birds Birding !!!

I got an introduction to the game/puzzle /pastime ? of Angry Birds in my first attempt I thought what the hell !!! this is so easy what's all the fuss about , of course later  I found myself sitting up late at night just trying to get past one more level of this stupid game . Having completed it but alas not getting 3 stars for each round ? I now face life without flinging birds by catapult trying to hit those green pigs hidden away behind their ever more elaborate protection ,however now   I find there are lots & lots of other devilishly contrived versions of this very addictive game , what should I do is there a patch you can get for it or an ABA organisation I can join for support , or is it just an innocent bit of fun , I think I will just have a look at what others are available before I go cold Turkey (I think that's the  the one like a Boomarang )
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and I will get out actually doing some  proper birding !!!

 Angry Birds the Devil in pixels ,or just a bit of fun !!!

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