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Monday, 20 February 2012

Glaucous Gull

Went over to the area this side of of the Stella  Power Station to have a look through the Gulls for some reason it seems to attract a reasonable number despite the large housing estate now on the site, I only know you turn down to  Ross's Pickle Factory  turn is just past the large electric sub station . A Glaucous Gull stood out easily amongst the others a 1st winter bird , I only had my small camera so I got some digi shots ,nothing else of note that I could see there had been reports of YLG but I could see nothing that could be a likely candidate. The location of the bird as it was on the far shore was not strictly in the County so I would still like to find one  for myself.. I did not have time to explore the area there is some extensive rough ground and numerous wet areas and the path runs along the river edge so there should be ample views of the river or mud edges.
 This one does not seem to have the fierce expression I have seen on others

I have left the sound on for a change gives a bit of atmosphere even with the wind !! 

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