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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Harwood Forest

Harwood this week for the Crossbills parked just along from the turnoff to Harwood plenty of Crossbills in the nearby trees so I tried to digi them a bit breezy even here  the birds showed well but very active by the time I got the scope on one it had moved, Siskin Goldfinch and Chaffinch also around  it was a bit to overcast and cool to expect any Adders but I had a good look anyway. Cycled up the long drag and around to the more open area of Tutehill Moss where I just set up the scope, counting well over a hundred Crossbillls going in all directions some landing nearby but too far to photograph glad I got a couple of shots earlier. Two Great Spotted Woodpecker several Buzzards all too far away (actually nowadays I can see as many and sometimes closer much nearer home who would have thought it a few years ago !!!)  also in the distance a Raptor caught my eye through  the bins getting it in the scope I could see it was not a Buzzard it turned to avoid a Corvid and revealed itself to be a  Ring-tailed Harrier not sure where  it actually was located. It became rather duller so I headed back to the car where I hung around for ten mins or so but no Crossbills . Headed up to the Gibbet another 5-6 Crossbills here on the fence and the ground  even though I pulled up well short they all flew off, unfortunately no sign of any other raptors for me . Called at West Hartford looking from the road only a few gulls on the pond  a Fox heading for me turned and picked up something from the grass before heading out of view so ended the day.
 That's one powerful bill they have
 Not the sharpest but it does show the bill structure
 Found this lonesome pine trying to grow on a fence post
 It always look bleak if the suns not out !!!!
The long drag it s very hard to cycle up and dangerous to go down if you go tooo fast !!
Fox at West Hartford not sure whats it's picked the strong wind blowing the scope

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